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    How to Monetize Your Art: Exploring Different Revenue Streams

    In today’s creative landscape, the age-old saying, “starving artist,” doesn’t have to hold water. Monetizing your art isn’t just about earning money—it’s about sustaining a passion, ensuring that artists can continue to create without the looming pressure of financial constraints. And with the dawn of the digital age, there’s good news for artists worldwide. The…

  • modern art abstract painting

    Why is Modern Art So Expensive ?

    The art world has always been a realm of mystery, intrigue, and occasionally, controversy. But nothing sparks as much public debate and astonishment as the price tags on modern art pieces. A single brushstroke, a splatter of paint, or a seemingly random arrangement of objects can command prices that soar into the millions, sometimes even…

  • beauty alexander beridze painting and artist

    Alexander Beridze’s : Manifest ”Renaissance of Beauty”

    Today, more than ever, questions have arisen : which path of development will Mankind follow ? How will Culture and Art evolve ? Critique of Postmodernism To answer these questions, first of all, we must leave in the past the era of the hated Postmodern, which led us to a deplorable result. It was an…

  • limited edition grey and black painting

    The Allure of Limited Editions: Scarcity and Value in Art

    In the diverse world of art, there’s a unique charm that surrounds limited edition artworks. It’s not just about the beauty of the piece but the rarity, the exclusivity. At its core, this fascination is deeply rooted in our human psyche, stirred by the principle of scarcity. A Glimpse Back: History of Limited Editions Limited…

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